About Me/Resume


I go by the handle “Legoclones”, which I’ve had since a tween when I was VERY interested in LEGOs and clone troopers. I’m a cybersecurity student (both at BYU and for life) and love the challenge that cyber presents. I’m initiative-driven, detail-focused, and highly motivated to learn and contribute to the InfoSec community. I’m technical by nature, which is why I’ve felt naturally drawn to CTFs.

I’m currently a SMART Scholar for the Department of Defense, and am a member of the US Cyber Team which competes internationally in cyber competitions. I also play CTFs with my school team BYU Cyberia, and the international team Project Sekai. Cyber competitions are my bread and butter, and I love pushing myself to improve.


  • Website exploitation
  • Offensive security research
  • Penetration testing
  • Digital forensics
  • Password cracking
  • FPS games
  • Star Wars and Sci-Fi
  • Action and military movies
  • Soccer



  • Brigham Young University, Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering (April 2024)



  • Instructor and Research Assistant, BYU College of Engineering (April 2023 – Present)

    • Designed and taught curriculum for a 500-level University course at Brigham Young University
    • Created and deployed 75 CTF problems for IT&C 515R, titled “Vulnerabilities, Exploitation, and Reverse Engineering”
    • Taught lecture, designed tests, and graded all assignments for 18 students in the IT&C 515R class
  • SMART Scholarship Intern, US Army Cyber Command (June 2023 – July 2023)

  • Security Engineer and Engineering Team Lead, BYU Life Sciences IT (Aug 2021 – April 2023)

    • Designed, implemented, and containerized secure infrastructure of the largest college on campus
    • Resolved dozens of security threats and incidents across 1000+ servers, labs, and work computers
    • Led a team of 4 student engineers in brainstorming, planning, and accomplishing 40+ projects
    • Documented the processes of creating and maintaining 25+ different projects and services
  • Officer, BYU Cybersecurity Student Association (Apr 2021 – Present)

    • Led BYU’s competitive penetration team in weekly training meetings and competitions
    • Created and taught a dozen lessons focused on teaching beginners foundational CTF skills
    • Taught monthly interactive lessons to BYU students about offensive security and penetration testing

Skills & Tools

  • General - Linux, Windows, TCP/IP Networking, Virtualization/Docker/Kubernetes
  • Programming/Scripting - Python, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Bash, C, Assembly
  • Website/Network exploitation - Burp Suite, Python requests, Nmap, enum4linux
  • Penetration testing - Metasploit, Dradis, John the Ripper, Hashcat, Hydra
  • Reverse Engineering/Pwn - Ghidra, GDB, x64dbg, Python pwntools, Ropper
  • Digital Forensics - Wireshark, Autopsy, Volatility, FTK Imager
  • IT Management - Active Directory/Group Policy, WSUS, Ansible